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J & D Montgomery Renovations is a family owned, home renovation business operating primarily in the Nanaimo area. We specialize in providing creative solutions and meticulous standards to your home renovations regardless of the size of the project. With over 10 years of experience in home renovations, we can offer a variety of services; from your foundation to your roofing needs, including both interior and exterior solutions! Our services cover dry walling, painting, flooring installation or repairs, siding, window and door installations, finishing work, decks, skylights etc. We can do it all! We are associated with a network of experienced trade professionals so that we can meet your specific needs and timelines. We would be happy to discuss any of your home renovations, construction or maintenance needs. You can contact us by phone at 250-739-3106 or email us at: j.montgo@shaw.ca.

We also specialize in mentoring you through any project you feel you would like to tackle--with some professional assistance along the way. We pride ourselves on being able to work directly with you to meet your budgetary needs. We have many clients in the community both residential and commercial who would be happy to provide you with references for our work.

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